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etudes pilot

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Etudes Training 

Etudes Courselets Training

Etudes Pilot@Mission

Convert your moodle class to Etudes (video)

Live-Site Request ("LIVE") (upon completion of training) - students uploaded and can see your site

Development Site Request ("DV/NT") (upon completion of training) - for private work only - students cannot use this but can be uploaded into a live site


Etudes 101

Etudes Videos
Etudes Tutorials
Offline Question Authoring (Quizzes)

Etudes Grading Issues

Extra Credit

Skins and Home Images 


etudes workshop agenda - 1-4-12 - 

etudes workshop worksheet - 1-4-12 - 


Flex Forms  

How to post to your faculty portal  

How to post your syllabus  
@One Training  


Tips and Thoughts On Improving The Teaching Process In College-- A Personal Diary - Prof. Joe Hoyle - Univ. Richmond


Flex credit - 2013

Jan. 4th - 6 hours

Jan 25th - 6 hours

Etudes 101 online - 16 hours

total 28 hours

graduates - Jan.4/25-2013

etudes sign in sheet


Questions on Etudes? - email Etudes Help Desk  

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