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Online (SELF) Tutoring Resources 


Common Writing Errors 

  • OWL The Purdue Online Writing Lab
    OWL offers over 200 free resources including:    
    * Writing and Teaching Writing    
    * Research    
    * Grammar and Mechanics    
    * Style Guides    
    * ESL (English as a Second Language)    
    * Job Search and Professional Writing

  • Refworks
    RefWorks is an online tool that helps you conduct research and compose research papers. RefWorks functions with Microsoft Word and other word processors to create footnotes, citations and a bibliography for your paper, formatted into the correct style (MLA, APA, Chicago Style, etc.). In addition, RefWorks allows you to save and organize your citations as you do research. Each reference can be extensively annotated to make the writing process easier. RefWorks works with Tulane's existing library database subscriptions to make a seamless transition between researching and writing.

  • Editing and Proofreading
    Part of the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill Writing Center Web site.

  • Strunk's Elements of Style Handbook - online

  • Writing Services
    This quality site from University of Guelph provides links to information on strategies for essay writing, scientific writing, and writing skills such as sentence structure, grammar, and punctuation.



  • Building a Better Vocabulary
    Part of a comprehensive writing site. Provides additional links to excellent vocabulary building sites.

  • Common Errors in English
    Developed by an English professor at Washington State University. Presents lists of errors and explanations. Example: definitions and explanations of affect and effect. Contains links to other useful English/writing Web sites and resources.

  • Latin and Greek Prefixes and Suffixes
    Useful site for helping to learn and understand terms in science and health-related classes.

nformation Competency

Watch ASC Video to learn about MLA and research skills

Watch ASC Video to learn about research in Science courses

Watch ASC Video on IMRaD research formats for Science courses 


Critical Thinking

Watch ASC Videos to learn about Critical Thinking Skills

Academic Success

Watch LRC Videos on 8 Essential Lessons for Academic Success 





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