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Your Motivation

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*based on the work of Dr. Myron H. Dembo, University of Southern California.


Be honest with yourself.


1. Motivation (Why?). Why are you in this course? Why are you attending Mission College?





2. Methods of Learning (How?). Thinking about your past experiences in school: what are your strengths; what are you best at; what did you like to do? Where are your weaknesses, what do you not do well and what do you like to do the least? Be specific.






3. Use of Time (When?). When, during an average week, do you study? How much time, outside of class, do you study. Do you plan it out in advance or do it "whenever"?





4. Physical Environment (Where?). Where do you study (read) ? How private and quiet is it? How easy is it to study there? Are there other places for you to study? Any place on campus where you study? What would be "the best" place to study?





5. Social Environment (Who?) Who do you study with? Who would you like to study with (what kind of person, etc.)?





6. Performance (What?) What skills, knowledge and abilities (etc.) would you like to "take away" from this course? What skills, knowledge, abilities (etc.) would you like to "take away" from Mission College?






  • special thanks to Joe Meyer for the above materials

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