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Online Add Policy (After Class is Closed)

To add students to your online class, you no longer have to give a paper add slip.  The new procedure for adding students if for you to get the student to email you his/her add request, including the following information: section number, name of class, student ID number, and student's date of birth.  You, the instructor, forward the email to Admission stating that you approve the add.  They take it from there.  At Mission College the designated person to process online adds is Martha Rios (riosme@lamission.edu). or Rosalie Torres (torresrs@lamission.edu)  


Please note: Once Admissions receives your student's email request with your approval, they will verify whether the email is the same as the one on file, Admissions will notify you that the Add request is denied, if it is not the same, pending the student changing their email under the Student information System.


You may read the entire policy here. -  http://lamc-ddl.pbwiki.com/f/interim.rtf


If you have any questions contact Prof. David Jordan, DE Coordinator at Mission - cell phone (818) 415-2015 or email him at onliinemission@gmail.com


updated: 12-04-08


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