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Watch etudes tutorial video (from WLAC)

Taking a Course Online (from WLAC - disregard portions that do not apply to LAMC)

If you’re new to learning online, you might have certain questions such as how do I get into my course?

How do I contact my instructor? The tutorial below answers many of these questions and can be broken into the following categories:

Are you ready to get started on your future?

  • Learning Online
    • The Online Classroom
    • Online Expectations
    • The Successful Online Learner
  • Technical Overview
    • Introduction to Etudes
    • My Workspace
    • Homepage and Announcement
    • Syllabus (course requirements, policies, and guidelines)
    • Access Course Content
    • Discuss with Classmates and the Instructor
    • Take Assessments and View Grades
    • Send Private Messages
    • Chat with Others Online
  • Technical Requirements

Student Guide to Login
for help email: missiononline@gmail.com


First 2 letters of first name +

First 2 letters of last name +

Last 5 digits of Student ID#
(Not your Social Security #)

(Type using all lower case letters)


Jose Garcia
Student ID#: 88123456

Username = joga23456


Passcode MonthDay of birth in school records

(Type using all lower case letters)


Birthday is April 11th, 1982 (04/11/82)

Password = 0411

 Now login to etudes - http://myetudes.org



Useful Links




Faculty Guides and Support






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